The Spirit of Home

Welcome to my blog that has been in the making for three years! Really longer if you take into account how much I have reflected on this topic.

Three years ago I took the first steps to it’s beginning by securing the domain name, The Spirit of Home. Just a few days after doing so we had life happen, and some things in my family needed tending so the blog ideas were tucked away for another day. Life is not waiting, however, so I am starting the blog and moving forward. It’s so often that we keep putting things off that our spirit has been calling us to do yet that doesn’t honor our spirit or life. Hence, the name of my blog.

The Spirit of Home means so many things to me. It is the essence of our physical spaces and also our essence. We carry our spirit with us everywhere, and it is reflected in our homes and also in everything we do in life. It is infused into our work, our relationships, and even in how we go about our daily routine. Yet, we often push it aside and live out of a default mode instead of the graceful ease that honors who we want to be.

It is my sincere intention to bring thoughtfulness, beauty, and grace to you through my musings and ideas here. Some will be about decor and landscapes. Some will be about health, beauty, and fashion. And some will simply be about life.

Please join me in my ongoing discovery of what truly makes the spirit of home and how we can cultivate it to create the peace we all crave in a sometimes crazy world.



16 thoughts on “The Spirit of Home

  1. Good for you, Pat! You have been much more thoughtful than I was about starting a blog (I just impulsively jumped in and am learning along the way!) I found you through #FKL Club and will enjoy following along with your blog 🙂


    1. Julie, I appreciate your support. #FrenchKissLife Club is such a blessing! Jumping in is good too 🙂 I would have done it that way yet really needed to focus my energy somewhere else then. It’s all good; as long as we begin is what matters.


  2. Love. Love. Loooove your new blog. So inspiring and nourishing to my soul. Congratulations and thanks so very much for the inspiration!! ❤


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