The Little Extras

It’s very cold in the Upper Midwest today! Single digit highs and subzero wind chills make it a great day to stay inside where it’s warm.

Inside where it’s warm for me isn’t just about my dwelling, even though that is a big part of it. It’s also where my spirit resides. Just as a cup of something hot warms our physical bodies so does our self-talk warm our spirit or chill it depending on what we say.

Speaking words of doubt, fear, dread, overwhelm, meanness, and sarcasm to ourselves isn’t warming to our spirit. Think about someone or someplace that feels warm and welcoming to you. Why is that? Do you honor your spirit by treating it in a warm and welcoming way? How can you start to be gentle, kind, and loving with yourself and others? The words you speak become the house your spirit lives in which filters out to relationships and the physical space you live in as well. Even the slightest change will ripple out in your life.

When low energy self-talk rears it’s ugly head I just return to sender, cancel the subscription, or hit the delete button. It’s a default way to live and doesn’t provide the little extras I prefer.

I give myself little moments throughout my day to look at my beautiful family, appreciate my home, enjoy fresh food, nuzzle with my dog and feel the amazement of life! We have one spirit to be good to and that will help those around us to be good to themselves and others. It’s the simply added touches that make the difference between mediocrity and loveliness.

I think I’ll start by adding whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and mini chocolate chips to my hot cocoa today. It’s those little extras that add zest to life! What little extras can you give your spirit and others today?



2 thoughts on “The Little Extras

  1. hi Pat fellow cc girl here LOVE your writing! This makes me want to enjoy some cocoa and have some quiet me time 🙂


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