Life Isn’t Waiting – You Are

I often see the phrase, “Your life is waiting.” Yet, there is always something that sort of bugs me about that. After all, why would my life be waiting for me? Don’t I create my life?!

I have held back from the life I want to live for years because of waiting. Looking around me I see others going for their dreams, having experiences, and creating the kind of life they want. I would wonder why they were moving forward when I wasn’t. I could get into all the reasons why we wait yet I suspect you already know them and have a few of your own. Yet asking the “why” question doesn’t serve us. Instead ask, “What would it take?”

So often we get stuck in our circumstances and then think that is our life. We don’t live in our circumstances; we live in our spirit. Living in our circumstances keeps us mired in the muck of them. Yet living in our spirit allows us to rise up from the inside and overcome what is happening on the outside. We all have circumstances in our lives so what would it take to move beyond them?

While it’s true that sometimes we have other pressing matters to attend to, the truth is we make time for what we want. Even if we give 30 minutes a day to something it’s better than not beginning. The time is going to pass anyway so why not start where you are, with what you have, to work toward the life you want?

What can you do today to start creating the life you want? Can you clean up your house or at least one corner to have a more organized, peaceful space? Can you take 20 minutes a day to read about things your interested in learning or that would help you become better at your craft? Can you move for 10 minutes every day to start on the path of fitness? Can you give up one soda or alcoholic drink a day to make way for better health? Can you replace excuses with action?

Nothing is going to change until you change. Do one small thing today and everyday to build the life you want. Go ahead! No whines; no waiting!



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