An Amazing Breakdown

Since it’s Friday I was going to write about decorating, food, or fun yet something occurred this morning that I wanted to share. Within 10 minutes of my teens leaving for school I got a phone call from my youngest because they had car issues. Luckily my husband hadn’t left yet so we were able to go and rescue them. I stayed with the car that needed towed while my husband took the kids to school.

While talking to the operator for the tow service she asked me if the car was making any clicking noises when it I was trying to start it. So, I put the phone on speaker and tried it so she could hear. Amazingly it started! Not being certain it would get me to the garage without cutting out again I voiced my concern. The operator asked how far I had to travel to the garage and since it was a short distance she said that she would stay on the line with me so I wouldn’t have to call back in case something happened. Astonishing!

So, I was driving and there were a few moments when it seemed like it might cut out on me yet I made it to the garage. They were able to pinpoint the issue and I am waiting for a call back to see if they can fix it today or if it will have to stay the weekend. They said that if they got the part in time they might be able to make it happen today. Super!

There was a time in my life when my day starting like this would have ruined the rest of it. But, reflecting on how amazing it was that my teens could call me that quickly for help, and I could call from my cell phone and then have the operator on speaker until I got to my destination just astounds me! It has made me look at other things today through the eyes of amazement like using my computer and the internet to type this blog for people to see in an instant if they wish.

These moments of awe and wonder are around us all the time. We get to choose how everything affects us. What amazing things are all around you? I hope you’ll look for them this weekend.



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