Return To Sender

Have you ever purchased something online only to find it not suitable to you when it arrives? I’ve done it multiple times and am usually pretty good about sending it back right away. Sometimes, however, I keep it thinking that I’ll like it more as time goes on, or if I fixed my hair differently then I might like the way it looks on me when really I need to return to sender.

I’ve done this with thoughts or decisions in the past. Going with what everyone else wants even though it’s not my style. Instead of following the knowing of my heart I listen to the chatter in my brain.

Often when we find something isn’t a good fit for us from the beginning it rarely turns into one later. Yet how many times do we find ourselves keeping clothing, household goods, work situations, and even people in our lives even though they aren’t serving our highest good.

When we are honest about whether something works or not it we don’t have to be mean spirited when looking for a better option. Sometimes a simple exchange whether it’s a material good or a conversation will result in a positive outcome. Yet when it’s the wrong fit all around it makes us uncomfortable and that adversely affects our inner and outer worlds.

Look around with honesty and see what no longer fits, and don’t be afraid to return to sender.



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