Rest is a Weapon


This is my dog, Piper. She is one of the best teachers I have on living a joyous life. She always stays in the moment, is super forgiving, and can be irrationally exuberant! It matters not if something frustrates her during the day because she lets bygones be bygones (except for squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits). And, while she can annoy us at times with her barking when she sees a critter she isn’t fond of she still comes right back to joy. Heck, if the truth be told even her barking incessantly at vermin gives her joy! That is what she was designed to do on this earth.

One of the reasons, I believe, that she can do this so easily is because she is well rested. As you can see from the photo she will take any opportunity to chill. Whether it’s a sun spot on the floor, a place on the chaise, or curled up in someone’s lap she is happy to stop and rest. As a matter of fact, I believe this is one of the secrets to a well-lived life.

When we are rested we feel refreshed. We have more clarity to make decisions and more energy to live a joyous life. Rest helps us to prioritize and not get caught up in minutia and drama. It’s a potent elixir of purpose as well. Rest connects us to our spirit and allows us to hear the call of our soul. It’s then that we can move through life and the challenges it can bring with poise, grace, and beauty. It’s our sword in the stone; a magical weapon.

Through the magic of rest we keep moving forward. It’s lovely properties bestow us with strength, kindness, and an open heart. Rest cleanses our mind and restores our spirit. It sounds counter-intuitive yet it makes us much more productive. It keeps us anchored in the moment and always brings us back to joy.

Be good to yourself, find a moment to rest every day, and give yourself a day of rest each week. Take a page from Piper’s book. Hang out, find a sunspot, and relax. There is no hurry; time is on your side. Rest is a weapon that magically transforms us into the person our dog thinks we are.



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